Braids once again are all the rage this season and I couldn’t be happier. Ever since I was a little kid I have loved braids! They work on people of all ages from kids to adults. They can be used to keep hair out of your face during a workout, or a quick fix when you are running late in the morning and don’t have time to shower before work.

Since I have a lot of hair braids have always been my best companion for looking put together in a flash! The best thing about braids is that there are a million different ways that you can style them. From your classic braid, to a french braid, to a fish tail braid…upside down, waterfall, you name it there is probably a braid out there that can achieve the exact look you want. I also love how braids can be so versatile, one look can make you appear to be so put together, while another can follow more my style being casually bohemian, with lots of loose pieces and texture.

In case you haven’t tried venturing past the classic braid or the french braid here are some of my favorite braided looks floating around this season. So have fun with them and braid away!

Note: Click on the link of each braid for how to tutorial for each style.

Waterfall Braid

Double Waterfall Braid

Crown Braid

Upside Down French Braid

Side Braid

Scrunch Braid

Ponytail Braid

Fish Tail Braid

Hair Headband Braid

Three-Part Braided Bun

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Written by maknwaves



If you click on the the title for the waterfall braid it will bring you directly to a youtube video that will show you exactly how to do it. Let me know if you would prefer me to create my own tutorial for it though and I will work on getting it together

Lillian McKendry

Can you please put up a tutorial on how to do some of these braids?


If you click on the names of the braids I have linked all of them to various youtube videos, or pictures that I have found tutorials on how to do the braids. If you would prefer for me to create me own tutorials of them though please let me know and I will work on putting that together.


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